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5 Necessary Steps to Take when Changing your Entire Wardrobe

After weight loss or the need for something new, changing out an entire wardrobe can be a taxing task to complete. Not to mention a costly task as well. It is important to decide which parts of your wardrobe can stick around a while longer to cut down on some of the cost of replacing all of your wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled for trends as that is where you will want to focus most of your energy – remaining trendy.

Create Seasonal Piles

Separate items that you are considering getting rid of into seasonal piles. These piles can then be sorted through one-by-one to help make the task seem less daunting. Decide which items can stay and be used for the upcoming seasons, perhaps with a change of accessories.

Seasonal piles are not just for clothes. You can also make seasonal piles for jackets, shoes and accessories. Complete organization and weeding out items from every category of your wardrobe is ideal.

Check Sizes

If you have lost or gained weight, there is not much point in keeping clothes around that no longer fit. Only keep your current size, and maybe one size smaller in your wardrobe. Once you take care of what doesn’t fit anymore, you may realize that your wardrobe looks rather small. This may require a major shopping trip and the need for a personal loan, using a website like themoneyhub.co.uk as an example, to obtain enough items to give your wardrobe some variety. Replacing wrong sizes with correct ones may cost more than you expect. A loan, even with bad credit, allows you to pay for your purchases over time.

Make a Keep Pile

It really is important to make a pile of clothes, shoes and accessories that fit multiple trends that you wish to keep. Everyone has favorite clothing items that they have a hard time getting rid of. When making these decisions, consider how often you wear the item/s in question. If it is less than once per month, it is a good idea to pass that item to the toss pile.

View Current Trends

Staying trendy is ideal for much of society. Trends change constantly, more than just by season. Trying to fit into a social group based upon clothing style often leads to stress and unhappiness. Browse through the current clothing trends in your region and decide whether or not it fits you.

Sell Before Buying More

Sell or donate items before making new purchases. You have to make room for new items and have to have open space to justify the purchases. Give yourself a budget based upon the monies raised from selling used items.

Changing your wardrobe can be almost as stressful as weeding through the existing one. Only purchase items that can be worn more than once. It is also a good idea to pick items that are interchangeable and easily customizable for specific occasions. Have fun shopping for your new wardrobe, but remember to set spending and item number limits to keep the clutter and cost down.