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6 Handy Waist Training Tips With Corsets: A Woman’s Guide

Women always long for that perfect hourglass figure and keep trying one thing or the other to achieve that. Waist training is something that does not have a secret perfect formula that applies to all. Something that works for you might not work for others. It is a method where a lady wears a corset and that too for extended periods of time. It helps in shrinking the size of her waist. This method that dates back to centuries has always been proven to be effective.

Here are 6 tips that you might find handy when trying out this method.

  1. Buy the Right Corset: Everyone wants to buy the best waist trainer corset, but the fact is that unless you measure yourself properly you will never make the right choice. The right corset for you is the one that is few inches smaller than your waist size. So, let’s say your actual waist size is 36 inches then you need toopt for 32 inches corset.


  1. Don’t Over-Clinch: Corset helps to trim your waist and make you look slimmer, but give it some time to mould. It needs this time to set according to the contours of your body and thus don’t over-clinch it for the first few weeks of the training. Also always keep in mind that it should be tightened only to the extent where you can breathe and sit comfortably.
  1. Buy Two Instead of One: It is always advisable to buy two reasonably priced corsets rather than going for one expensive. This is because while wearing it is clinched and thus under stress. If you have two, you can alternate between them giving them time to rest. Also, the need to stop the waist training exercise when it gets cleaned gets sorted by buying two.


  1. Wear Regularly: This training is similar to any other training where you need to be consistent and regular to see the results. Just wearing for a couple of weeks and expecting to see a slimmer waist is not possible. So, wear it in a disciplined manner and be patient as it takes time for your body to show the impact.
  1. Gradually Tighten the Laces: Give some time before you start to tighten the laces. After wearing it for 2 weeks preferably, start tightening the laces a little. Over-tightening can cause damage to both corset and your posture and you definitely would not like to do that.
  1. Replace With a New One: When you regularly use it, you will definitely start losing inches from your waist and soon you will be able to close the corset completely when lacing. This is the signal that you need to replace it with a smaller size and start the entire process again.


The important thing to remember is that it is your body and you are the best person to judge what works for it. So, while you listen to what others say always go with what you feel is the best for you or visit ebestpicks.com for more information on handy waist training tips with corsets.

 Author Bio: Andrea Williams is a certified body trainer who has trained people for close to 15 years now. She believes in trying the time-tested traditional methods along with the modern ones.