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Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

It is said that the hair is the woman’s crowning glory. If you will check this adage online, there are different meanings though the bottom line is, the hair is a great part of the woman’s looks. Well, not just for the woman but for your kids as well! You might think that your child is oblivious of her hairstyle but that is not the case really. In fact, kids these days, especially young girls, no matter the race, are quite conscious with their looks. It seems that they also want to be the one to decide on their hairstyle.

If you are a parent of a little girl, whether she is black or asian or maybe white, you should also consider her decisions when it comes to her hairstyles. Of course you can also inject some advices but at the end of the day, they should be the main decision maker. After all, it is their hair we are talking about her.


However, if you happen to be a mother of a black girl and she asks for your suggestions, then these following black girls hairstyles might be good for her:

Braided Ballerina Bun – this type of hairstyle features spiraled box type of braids in the front part and at the back part, they are just simple cornrows. When you will use this hairstyle, the braids will usually just stay intact for days and even weeks. This is why, the only thing that must be maintained is the bun.

Fishbone Cornrows – this is almost the same as the first type though this time, the braids are like fishbone style. As for the puff of curls at the top, you can just create one tie or two ties. It is all up to you which one you think will look better for your child. To refresh the curl, you can apply hair oil that is mixed with water every day.


Minnie Mouse Hair – with this type of hairstyle, your girl will surely feel extra special. The hair here is braided from the bottommost part to the top in which a bow is their ending. As for the front part, it is styled in a sassy spiral curl bangs. To ensure that the spiral will always be refreshed, you can use a perm rod to set it at night.

There are still so many cute hairstyles that you can use for your girl. If you will run out of ideas, you can check some online websites as for sure, you will be met with a number of them detailing different hairstyles for cute little girls. There are some that are quite complicated though there are also hairstyles that are really simple that even dads can do them.


You see, even kids now are kind of conscious with their appearances. In fact, they might even ask you to color their hair just like what they see in the movies. Thus before they will ask you something outrageous for their age, might as well learn some simple hairstyle tricks.

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Rachael Kuchter is passionate about the different trends in hairstyles. She is updated with the latest looks and she is willing others to create their own style thus she comes up with an online link with hairstyles for all ages.