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Few Important Factors That You May Consider While Buying Pearls

Pearls are precious gems. They are used for making various types of attractive jewellery pieces. There are numerous factors that define the quality and hence the value of a pearl. The main ones include:


Large sized pearls are rare and hence considered more valuable than the ones that are smaller in size. South Sea pearls are larger in size than the Japanese saltwater ones and hence more expensive.


Round pearls are rare cultured pearls and are hence extremely valuable. The other pearl shapes include baroque, semi baroque, near round, oval and pear shaped pearls. Japanese saltwater pearls are known for the emphasis on shape that they give.


Pearls are usually available in numerous shades. They may consist of violet, green, blue, pink, orange and yellow hues. Their tones may vary from subtle, soft to muted ones. Japanese saltwater pearls are usually white while the Tahitian pearls are generally available in many shades. The three main components that give a pearl its colour include:

  • Body colour which defines the dominant colour of the pearl.
  • Overtones are translucent colours above the body colour.
  • Orient refers to the iridescent rainbow colours located below the surface of the pearl.


The beauty of a pearl is defined by its lustre. Pearls may have lustre ranging from poor where reflections are diffused and dim to excellent which have sharp and bright reflections.


Surface quality

The quality of the surface forms a major consideration while buying pearls. Many pearls may have imperfect surfaces that may impact their value.

Nacre quality

The nacre quality influences the lustre of the pearl. Pearls which have thin nacre are less lustrous and not very durable.


This is an important consideration for making jewellery. A fine piece of jewellery is usually created with matching pearls.

Pearls are precious and are often expensive. It is hence advisable to evaluate a few critical factors while buying pearls.