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Little-Known Facts about Lingerie

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Lingerie is the most important part of our regular life. You should be very careful while buying innerwear as those cover your private parts and you have to wear those for long. Try to buy branded lingerie and comfortable ones. Comfort is the most important part while buying lingerie. If you’re buying it from shops, check out if you can give a trial. Then, you can understand the fittings and comfort. If you buy lingerie online, then try it after delivery; if find any problem, return or exchange. Today, you can find specific online shopping site for lingerie only. Check those out.

Interesting Facts about Lingerie

Do you know when lingerie was first used or from where the word has come? Here are some interesting facts about lingerie you may like to know-

  1. Advent of the Name-

The word is French. In French ‘lingerie’ refers to the undergarments of both men and women.

  1. Bra in Greece Civilization-

The Greece are regarded as the first civilization who came up with the idea of supporting women’s’ breasts. The bra, wore by ancient Greece women, were known as apodesme. Later, the Romans pick up the idea from them.

  1. Monobosom-

In the early 1900, this was a popular style among women. This undergarment was used to support women breasts and hoisted them up in a way so that they appear as one huge bosom.

  1. Bra Size Differs-

Yeah, that is common, but do you know that women in UK wear the largest bra sizes? Again, women in Japan require the smallest bra sizes. In India, the average bra size is 34C.

  1. Corset and Whale-

Now, what is the weird relation between these two? Actually, back in 1800, the corsets were made of whalebone. The baleen whales were the raw material of corsets at that time. How weird, no?

  1. Lingerie for Good Luck-

Italian ladies prefer to wear red innerwear during New Year. They consider it as good luck.

  1. Lingerie to be Sexy-

 It is regarded that women who wear G-string are sexually more creative, liberated and confident. Women who wear simple innerwear are not that much liberal like them. They are considered to be low maintenance.

  1. Sports Bra-

Women love sports bra while working out. This keeps your breasts at position while working out and gives you a fit look. Do you know that when did it first come in fashion? It was in the year 1977, when Lisa Lindahl, with the help of costume designers, came up with this best type of bras.

  1. Triumph on the Go-

The international brand ‘Triumph’ was the first brand in the world that has made bras available for women, commercially. Not only that, but they also the pioneer to bring their exotic lingerie on the catwalk. Their ‘touch cool’ fabric has made their shapewear too much popular worldwide as it reduces your body temperature up to 1.27 degree centigrade.

Aren’t all these are exiting yet lesser known facts of lingerie? Check out the online shopping site and buy the best for you.

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