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9 Commandments of Staying Young and Beautiful for Longer

Every woman would like to know how to extend her beauty. Over many centuries, great thinkers, philosophers, alchemists, and healers were looking for recipes for it. There are certain canons that the modern girl or woman uses today, but there are those secrets that are not widely known. An international group of experts, which consisted of psychotherapists, doctors, nutritionists, developed the so-called “nine commandments” of beauty or 9 rules on how to preserve youth longer.

  1. Don’t overeat. This is perhaps the main rule of youth. Don’t eat a lot and don’t choose the semi-finished products and junk food. Arrange fast days, eat more vegetables and fruits. The average number of calories consumed should be about 1500.
  2. Consider your age making a diet. Experts advise women over the age of 30 to eat nuts and liver. Beta-keratin is very useful for those who are over forty. Older people need calcium, which is necessary for maintaining the skeletal system and magnesium, which is useful for the cardiovascular system. Selenium, which is found in cheese, kidneys and other foods, reduces the effects of stress on the psyche. To everyone, experts recommend eating more fish, which has a positive effect on the work of the heart and brain.
  3. Find your life partner. Love is the best anti-aging method. Those who have sex at least 2 times a week, look 14 years younger than their years. The hormone of happiness endorphin is a companion of lovers. It strengthens the body and enhances immunity.
  4. Do sports. Regular physical activities help keep beauty and youth. In addition to exercises for the muscles of the body, arms, and legs, there are special complexes for the face and neck. A contrast shower, which perfectly tones and rejuvenates the skin, is also very useful.
  5. Don’t be nervous. Of course, you can hardly avoid problems and stress at all. However, you shouldn’t accumulate negative emotions in yourself. You should always try to keep a positive attitude. Communication with family and friends, a favorite thing, an interesting hobby, and sometimes a change of image can help.
  6. Sleep enough. In order to always look good, you need a full healthy sleep. If the working day starts early enough, you should go to bed no later than 10 pm.
  7. Pamper yourself. Life is not a prison where everything is forbidden. Allow yourself to sometimes candies in spite of diet, pleasant shopping, travel, etc. This will not harm your beauty, but otherwise, will make you more attractive.
  8. Don’t keep all the emotions in yourself. If something bothers you, then don’t bury it in yourself. Accumulated negative can cause diseases, mental disorders, and premature aging.
  9. Give self-massage. It will save you from the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. These two worst enemies of female beauty always appear at the most inappropriate moment. So, every self-respecting woman should remember that prevention is the best fight back to these two cosmetic defects.