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Boys And Men Get Cool Hairstyles At Home With These Tips

A well known fact is that hair looks matter a lot, with women and men alike.  It ensures perfect styling with each strand being in the right place.  However, most guys fail to recreate styling and have a hard time to get cool hairstyles at home.

Start with:


They are versatile, giving a shiny and wet look and it maintains hold. This is not suitable for fine hair, but is ideal choice for well-groomed styles, that are sleek. They give separation and shine to long hair.

  • Apply in small amounts by taking it in your palm and rubbing it together to warm the product.
  • Slightly damp your hair and go applying from ends to root.


Waxes are same as pomades, offering more aggressive hold. A good choice lending control and shine to short cuts, they help in managing thick hair.

  • Ensure dry hair
  • Take small amount in your palm and rub together in your palms.
  • Work it by applying from ends to root.


Hairsprays are the options for guys or men with thinning hair. The hairsprays offer an illusion of volume and locks style in place. Men, in majority should consider lighter hairsprays and not heavier hairsprays.

  • Hold the bottle around 6 to 8 inches from your head and lightly mist your hair.
  • Place your hand over the forehead in a saluting position so that the product is not reaching your eyes or forehead.
  • Avoid putting hat.