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Choosing the Right Handbag

Spring is a beautiful time for fashion. It brings many great options for fashion enthusiasts and also a lot of great deals. But all these good things bring tough decisions with them, deciding what to buy and where to buy from when there are so many options with great deals on them can be really stressful. Clothes may be a challenge for sure, but a tougher choice is to pick the right handbag for yourself. Especially when you’re choosing between the freshest stock of designer handbags. So, here are some amazing tips to help you decide which handbag to buy.

Use your body shape to narrow down the range of options

Just like your face shape is used to decide which hairstyle or pair of sunglasses is going to suit you the most, for choosing handbags, the clue is in your body shape. Generally speaking, the perfect bag for you would be just the opposite of your body type. Examples of this are:-

  • If you’re tall and slim

You should avoid bags with a short strap or bags that are tall. Instead, go for bags that have a fairly long strap and are wide with a hobo like shape. An easy choice would be a clutch.

  • If you’re short and petite

Oversized and large bags would totally tend to make you look shorter than normal and weigh you down. Also you shouldn’t go for bags will a long strap. Try small curvy bags with a short to medium strap and it will suit you perfectly well.

  • If you’re plus size

Try picking a boxy bag so that its structure will balance out your curves, and try not to go for small bags. A medium sized bag with a rectangular structure would be absolutely perfect for you.

Cost and style

If you’re planning to go for something expensive, make sure that you like it first. It wouldn’t be any use to first buy a bag you don’t absolutely love just because it’s trendy, coz then it’s going to sit in your closet no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you’ll use it, right now. On the other hand, try not to buy something expensive that’s totally out of style just because you feel it looked cool a while ago. Try and find a balance between the two.

Also if you aim to buy a lot of inexpensive bags, you can pick one bag for everyday usage and then go and look for bags that are fun and funky for parties and other occasions.

So if you follow these few tips, you’ll have yourself a prodigy level of springtime handbag collection. And if you’re looking for great deals on luxury brands like juicy couture, be sure to check out the stock at Tata Cliq.