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Comparing And Choosing Between Current Electric Nail File Machines

Beauty tools have redefined services in the industry. While we still use a lot of the manual tools and techniques, plenty of things have surely changed. Gone are times when one would wait for an hour to get a manicure or pedicure done. Today, people are rushing for time, and if you are a manicurist or pedicurist, you have to value both time and effort. One of the practical investments is an electric nail file machine. This is basically a tool that allows you to file and buff nails easily, without too much effort. There are some essential things to check before you can make a purchase.

Start with the basics

When you need an electric nail file machine for salon and professional needs, you must look beyond the basic designs and models. Some models come as cheap as forty dollars, but these are meant for just regular use for people who need buffing once in a while. For salons, you need something that’s durable and long lasting enough to survive consistent use. Start by deciding on the price that you can afford, but do look for better models. Paying a little more for a more efficient option is always a better idea than something with limited features.

Aspects that matter

When it comes to electric nail file machines, one must check the first important aspect known as RPM. It stands for revolutions per minute and determines the speed and power of the tool. If you are working on natural nails only, you won’t need anything more than 2500 or 6000 RPM. However, for certain nail art and special artificial nails, you may need stronger drill with high RPMs. Look for something with 25,000 RPM for salon and professional needs. Also, you must consider how frequently you will use the tool, which determines the overall durability and intermittent life of the concerned product. If you are utilizing the e-file for more than three times a day, you need to go for a higher priced option.

What else to check?

Do you need a portable electric drill machine? Usually, most salons have the wired versions, which are more heavy duty and works for all kinds of nails and required settings. The corded versions are better in terms of power, but if you intend to serve your patrons on the go, make sure to get a wireless one for better functionality. In terms of performance, wireless ones can last a few hours, depending on charge and power of battery. Also, do consider the size of the model before purchase. A bulky and heavy tool may seem like a burden and may impact your performance during the cleaning and buffing process. Also, do compare models based on noise and vibration. Both of these aspects must be as less as possible.

Finally, check online to know the best models and brands in the market. There are some amazing websites where you can find a lot of information on the available electric drill machines along with reviews.

Author Bio – Mary Janet is a beauty blogger by passion and expert on manicures and pedicures. She also owns a salon and works with clients in a personal way.