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Help Clients Get The Lashes Of Their Dreams

Women have been trying to get the lashes of their dreams for decades—they have coated them in mascara, pressed them in curlers, glued on false sets and applied serums in hopes that they grow. Now salons and spas have the skills and technology to make their client’s lashes look darker and thicker for longer than a day. If you are a professional in the beauty industry, you should learn the following ways to make your clients’ dreams for lustrous lashes come true.

The three techniques that beauty professionals should add to their list of skills are lash extensions, lash lifts and semi-permanent mascara application. These are intricate services that require specific training and practice—skipping this crucial step will lead to poor results, unhappy customers and even damages to the natural lashes. The company Lashforever Canada is a top-rated brow, lash and beauty training facility that helps technicians and aestheticians at every skill level. Professionals can sign up for the company’s lash extension training and classes for skills like lifting and semi-permanent mascara so that they can get in-depth lessons, hands-on experience and certification.

  1. Lash Extensions

Instead of gluing a set of false eyelashes for a single day, customers can have lash extensions put in for weeks at a time—the initial application lasts on average for four to six weeks after the appointment. In place of a full set, individual lashes are applied with a Medical Grade A Adhesive so that the appearance is dramatic but blends with the natural hair. The overall look can be different for each client because eyelash extensions can be customized by length, curl, style, colour and material. Technicians should always teach their clients about lash extension aftercare whenever they get their first lash fill — these instructions include combing the lashes with a spoolie brush and being gentle with eye makeup removal.

  1. Lash Lifts

This is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that curls eyelashes so that they look naturally long and striking. The procedure is done by coating the lashes in a perming solution and then setting the shape with silicone pads—a traditional lash perm involved wrapping the lashes around a rod, which can lead to over-curling and damage the natural lashes. When customers have particularly fair, fine or straight lashes, it’s often recommended to pair lash lifts with tinting and semi-permanent mascara.

  1. Semi-Permanent Mascara

Customers won’t need to retouch or reapply their mascara in the mirror when they have a professional put on this waterproof and smudge-free product. The treatment is ideal for the low-maintenance person who still wants to look prim and polished first thing in the morning.

Treatments like high-quality lash extensions, lash lifts and applications of semi-permanent mascara can give women the long, dark and dramatic eyelashes that they have always wanted. Beauty professionals should get trained to perform these enhancements as soon as possible if they want to make customers satisfied for much longer than a day.