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Things Every Woman Should Know For Everyday Beauty

Dear girls and women, we all want to be beautiful and smart and to do everything and get pleasure from life. But we don’t have enough time. In the insane rhythm of the stone jungle, we don’t pay attention to the little things. Today we want to give you simple, but at the same time, valuable tips that will make you even more beautiful, make life easier and eliminate bad habits. Remember, beauty begins with health.

  1. Don’t comb wet hair or do it properly. It is bad for hair structure to comb them immediately after a shower. But if you decide to do this, then begin to comb them from the tips, gradually moving higher and higher. It is better to make this manipulation with a comb from natural materials, for example, a rare comb made of wood.
  2. Drink more water. Drinking a glass of non-carbonated water before eating should become a habit. Our body needs water so much. After drinking a glass of water, you warn the stomach that you will soon eat. This will improve the condition of the body, and you will eat less than usual.
  3. Forget about diets and start eating right. Scientists have shown that sudden fluctuations in weight have a bad effect on health: stretch marks appear from an abrupt change in weight, which are difficult to get rid of. It is better to eat healthy food and start playing sports – this will save your health, and improve your mood.
  4. All the attention on the face. By nature, only babies have beautiful skin, and then it must be carefully and regularly taken care of. By the way, before choosing a skin care cream, it is better to visit a beautician. If you follow this simple advice, there will be less acne on the face.
  5. Don’t do exercises in the morning. In fact, the hormones that regulate vital activity appear in the blood only at 11.00. Therefore, any exercise done earlier decrease the body’s work.
  6. Minimum of cosmetics. Yes, modern stores offer a huge selection of cosmetics. Sometimes you want to buy everything at once, and if you can, of course, it is worth doing. But don’t apply everything at once on the face. It is not necessary. The skin wants to breathe and cosmetics block the flow of oxygen.
  7. Eat chocolate. It has a positive effect on the emotional state: it increases the level of serotonin in the body – a natural antidepressant. So, if you don’t eat it too much, you will see the changes in your mood, that is you will consider yourself more beautiful.
  8. Take care of your teeth. Beautiful teeth are the calling card of every woman. Watch out for their health and beauty. Don’t immediately brush your teeth after any meal (especially if you ate fruit, drank juice or sucked sour candy). You should wait at least for an hour. Otherwise, fruit acids, if rubbed with a toothbrush, can damage the gums. Special care must be taken after apples, grapes, citrus fruits, plums, peaches, and pineapples.
  9. Don’t try to change, just accept yourself. A woman should be able to accept herself as she is and love herself. If she doesn’t do this, others will also not be able to fall in love with her.